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 The Next Phase

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MensajeTema: The Next Phase   Sáb Ene 31, 2009 2:15 pm

Quoting Charlie from:

Greetings Everybody,

I hope that all is well with everyone. Once again, we must apologise for the length of our absence but the next phase of our task requires on going extensive preparation.

Before we continue, we would like to know peoples thoughts and impressions regarding President Obama. It was certainly an emotional experience for us when he won the election but not just due to what he represents. Witnessing the will of people prevail the way it should have was an equally powerful experience for us.

A segment of our team has been monitoring him since Election Day and we are now confident of what his short & medium term goals are which fell within our predictions.

The first months of his Presidency will be to guide America through the economic crisis. This crisis is much more serious than it should have been because the previous Administration was trying to prevent it from blowing up while they were still in office. This just made matters worse, of course. Nothing will stop the markets from eventually reaching their true value (DOW @ 7500) but the Government can influence how rough or smooth that journey is. As you know, the financial markets is primarily based on confidence and this confidence is influenced by various data sources and of course, the Government.

In a couple of months, the markets will get to their true value and stabilise allowing the President and his Cabinet to start the rebuilding process without the constant distractions from “bush fires” that keep popping up at this time.

Obama’s next goal (which he has started on already) will be to rebuild global relations with the United States. Part of this strategy will include a different approach to countries such as Iran than the previous Administration.

We are uncertain of what his timetable is for the above two goals but we suspect adjustments will have to be made once he gets full disclosure regarding the Anomaly.

We do know that in the first meeting with President Bush after winning the Election, Obama was told that there is a object moving through our solar system that has a chance of affecting Earth when it passes. This is all that he was told and we believe that he has not been officially briefed any further since taking Office. However, we estimate that he will have a full briefing within the first couple of months of his Presidency. We do hope that it is sooner rather than later because the earlier he knows, the longer he can consider courses of action.

In any case, the Anomaly is only a few months away from exiting the primary magnetic boundary of the Sun at which point sunspot activity will start up again. You see, the reason why there has been literally no sunspot activity (baffling Scientists in the process) is because of the Anomaly’s slow and close progression past the Sun through its primary magnetic boundary.

Once clear of the Sun, the Anomaly will start having a greater influence on Earth. To put it a different way….. right now is the calm before the initial beginnings of the storm. And if by some chance Obama has not been completely briefed on the potential of the Anomaly, he most certainly will at this point.

Anyway… moving on….

We will be posting again shortly. Over a period of 6 to 8 weeks we will upload 3 posts covering these topics as follows:

1) Preparing for the Pole Shift:- A Complete Guide

2) Countdown to Zero Hour:- Complete Chronicle of the final weeks leading into the Pole Shift (From the point when “something” is wrong is impossible to deny)

3) The first 365.25 Days After……..

Then, after the Anomaly has cleared the Sun's primary boundary and the effects on Earth slowly begin we will have another series of posts.

All through this period we will attempt to answer what we can from the forum and private messages.

Stay tuned.



end quoted...

Best Regards

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The Next Phase
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