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 World Synergy Institute

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Fecha de inscripción : 05/09/2008
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MensajeTema: World Synergy Institute   Lun Ago 17, 2009 10:50 am

Quoting Dondep from GT:

Funny the only google hits for "undernet irc" and "Nancy Lieder" is this thread. Using the search bar within Undernet IRC, neither "earthnet" nor "Nancy Lieder" come up. Perhaps "earthnet" is actually spelled differently? Might it have been a different channel perhaps?

Anyway, I just found a relatively positive take on ZT by one James Holmdahl of the "World Synergy Institute":

The Beginning of the World is Coming!

Transformation Before 2012: The Shroom & Zoom of Doom & Gloom

John Holmdahl
World Synergy Institute

Sounds like the end of the world might be coming! Is it really going to happen? Have you checked out what you need to know? Do you know the answers? It's your Final Exam! Are you prepared? Can you put together the pieces of the Cosmic Jig-Saw Puzzle?

Looks like different researchers have different pieces of the puzzle. One way to discover what the Big Picture looks like, is to see which pieces of evidence fit together with other pieces. Where to start? Step one: study as many potential pieces of the puzzle as possible, before making any conclusions.

While investigating the wide range of possible and often contradictory answers offered by various human researchers, I unexpectedly discovered that a group of scientists has already found the pieces and put them together into the Big Picture, and it is all on one website, run by a group of extraterrestrials!

Through I'm now in contact with a group of ETs, the Zetas from Zeta Reticuli. The Zetas have been working with the U.S. military for the last 50 years. Their existence was declassified in 1995 when they were allowed to go public and reveal their history and activities to the public through their website and their Emissary, Nancy Lieder.

The Zetas contacted the U.S. military shortly after the 1947 Roswell UFO crash, for the purpose of warning humans about the coming Earth Changes. The U.S. government performed several experiments regarding possible public disclosure, and found that the public would likely panic if told there were aliens from outer space here on Earth, causing the collapse of civilization as we know it. The government's policy therefore became the prevention of disclosure at any cost, in the name of National Security.

President Truman quickly established the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the National Security Agency (NSA) and MJ12 (an Executive Committee of 12 people) to deal specifically with the alien issue and to coordinate joint ET-human projects, while the public was told a cover story to prevent disclosure and panic. The U.S. government had no choice but to make these decisions at that time.

When the Zetas realized that the U.S. military was not going to tell the public so we could prepare for what is coming and relocate to safe areas, they contacted a private citizen, Nancy Lieder, who has agreed to be their spokesperson and Emissary, to bring the Zetas' message to the world. She is the webmistress of and the author of ZetaTalk: Direct Answers from the Zeta Reticuli People. (A book you can tell is co-authored by a non-human Higher Intelligence!)

So why did the Mayan calendar end on 2012? And how did the Mayans know that the coming Earth Changes would bring the End of Time? And where did they get all this information without having telescopes?

Here are some pieces of the puzzle that fit together with other pieces into the Big Picture, and they answer those key questions!

-Life in a physical human body is temporary. We will all die. We have a certain amount of time to do what we came here to do before our time is up, and that could happen at any moment!

-We are eternal spiritual beings, living for a short time in a physical world, the World of Duality, said to be a Schoolhouse for the growth of human Souls, a world of conflicts and challenges, the necessary conditions for Souls to grow! What's most important is not what happens to us, but how we respond and the choices we make that create the karma that takes our Souls to our destiny. Challenges and crises are the Universe's way of getting us to evolve.

-We came into this life with a purpose and a mission; and when our physical body dies and we return to the Spirit World, the only things we bring with us are our karma and our memories of what we did here on the physical plane during those few short years that we lived here in the Schoolhouse for human Souls.

-We are actors in God's Magic Theatre, playing different roles each time -around, different incarnations with different identities, missions, life circumstances and personalities. Meanwhile there are multitudes of higher spiritual beings all around us. We are prisoners of the drama until we realize that it is just a play.

-Intelligent life from elsewhere is here! Angels, Light Beings, Star Visitors, and ETs have been visiting the Earth for billions of years. The Universe is full of intelligent life, even if there are still some humans who haven't discovered this yet. Many of the ET civilizations are trillions of years old, and their higher intelligence and advanced knowledge are clearly beyond our capability and even our imagination.

-The Zetas contacted us to warn everyone that a large comet, the cause of our periodic Earth Changes, is again on its way into our part of the solar system, and will pass by the Earth close enough to cause Earth Changes again, when its large magnetic field interacts with the Earth's magnetic field. This comet's orbit takes it near the Earth every 3,600 years.

-Each time that the comet, often called Planet X, passes by, its strong magnetic field interacts with the Earth's magnetic field, causing weather extremes, atmospheric anomalies, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, plagues and sometimes a Pole Shift, as predicted by the Christian Bible, the Hopi Indians, Edgar Cayce, Ruth Montgomery, the Mayans and many others. These Earth Changes reshape oceans and continents, crushing civilizations, often submerging them under the ocean, like Lemuria and Atlantis, or cause massive floods like the one Noah survived, or change sea levels, like the parting of the Red Sea just in time for Moses and friends to escape Egypt. The vast underwater ruins documented by the National Geographic Society, Graham Hancock and others are testaments to the large number of civilizations that suddenly found themselves under water, victims of the periodic Earth Changes caused by the passage of the giant comet, Planet X.

-Before the existence of Planet X was classified, the December, 1981, issue of Astronomy magazine announced that, "Astronomers are readying telescopes to probe the outer reaches of our solar system for an elusive planet much larger than Earth. Its existence would explain a 160-year-old mystery.... The pull exerted by its gravity would account for a wobble in Uranus' orbit that was first detected in 1821 by a French astronomer, Alexis Bouvard. Beyond Pluto, in the cold, dark regions of space, may lie an undiscovered 10th planet, 2 to 5 times the size of Earth…."
Then, a January 30, 1983, article in the New York Times declared, "Something out there beyond the farthest reaches of the known solar system seems to be tugging at Uranus and Neptune. Some gravitational force keeps perturbing the two giant planets, causing irregularities in their orbits. The force suggests a presence far away and unseen, a large object that may be the long-sought Planet X…. In the 19th Century, two American astronomers, William H. Pickering and Percival Lowell, predicted the size and approximate location of the trans-Neptunian body, which Lowell called Planet X."

-Working with MJ12 and the U.S. military, the Zetas gave the exact coordinates of the incoming comet, enabling NASA's infrared sensing satellite IRAS to locate Planet X in 1983. The discovery made the front page of the Washington Post on December 31, 1983, before the news was suppressed: "A heavenly body possibly as large as the giant planet Jupiter and possibly so close to Earth that it would be part of this solar system has been found in the direction of the constellation Orion…. So mysterious is the object that astronomers do not know if it is a planet, a giant comet, [or] a nearby 'protostar'…."

-The Zetas explain that, "What the public was not told, of course, was that the press for certainty was due to information we, the Zetas, had given MJ12, and that this information appeared to be solid, based on decades of careful monitoring of the skies. Following Roswell, as the story tells, we established a contact with the US government, which put this into the hands of MJ12 to avoid information contamination of the normal federal bureaucracy. We were interested in the human leadership of the world informing their public, so early on we made clear what was about to happen…. The discovery of solid proof so stunned most of those involved in the search that their guard was dropped, and thus the reports such as the 1983 Washington Post front page article…. When the blanket of suppression was dropped on the media and major observatories who know just where Planet X is at all times these days, it took some time for an explanation for the silence to be concocted. Thus one finds the strange silence, that lasted almost a decade, following the Planet X discovery in 1983."

-From 1984 to 1995, all information about the incoming comet was classified, and the existence of Planet X denied. Government-funded astronomers and observatories are still bound by a gag order. Orwell's 1984 became reality, right on schedule!

-Through their website, as early as 1995, the Zetas also predicted the visible-to-the-naked-eye appearance of Planet X as a 2nd Sun in our sky in the Spring of 2003. Then, starting in late March of 2003, thousands of people from all over the world sent in their photographs of 2 suns in the sky: our Sun and the reflection of the Sun's light off the atmosphere and tail of the comet, Planet X. The photos poured in for months, and then stopped when Planet X moved past the angle for reflection.

-Through their website, the Zetas further predicted the visible-to-the-naked-eye re-appearance of Planet X shortly before it makes its final pass and causes the Pole Shift. Then, starting in March of 2009, Nancy again started receiving reports and evidence from people who are seeing Planet X in the sky. So, it's back! People are noticing, and the buzz on the Internet is growing, again!

-The Zetas confirm the accuracy of Zecharia Sitchin's research and books, which present evidence that another group of ETs, called the Anunnaki from Nibiru, were the ones responsible for the sudden appearance of the first human pyramid civilizations, the Sumerians, around 4,000 BCE, the Egyptian civilization, and the astronomically sophisticated Mayan culture. How did the Mayans get their advanced scientific knowledge? From the ETs from Nibiru, the Anunnaki, who genetically engineered the Sumerians, the Egyptians, the Jews, the Arabs and even the Mayans. The first Sumerians were Adam and Eve. Genesis refers to the Anunnaki as the Elohim, "those who came down from heaven."

-Why did the Mayan calendar end on 2012? Because the Anunnaki knew when Planet X was coming back! How did they know? One reason is because they live on the comet! Planet X and Nibiru are different names for the same comet, which is also called Wormwood in Revelation.
The Zetas tell us that our galaxy is watched over by a group of ancient Souls, called the Council of Worlds, who watch over humanity, not to protect good humans from bad things, but to keep a balance between the forces of good and evil, so that human souls have the opportunity to make choices during our short incarnations as physical beings, that will affect the growth of our Souls. Similarly, the coming Earth Changes and Pole Shift are seen as natural cosmic events that provide additional opportunities for our souls to grow by the choices we make when faced with the challenges that the World of Duality provides us in the Schoolhouse for human Souls.


Tempus Edax Rerum
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Viajero entre lineas temporales
Viajero entre lineas temporales

Mensajes : 810
Fecha de inscripción : 05/09/2008
Localización : Bermuda Triangle, Terra 2

MensajeTema: Re: World Synergy Institute   Lun Ago 17, 2009 10:51 am


-Crisis precedes transformation. The coming Earth Changes and Pole Shift are the Universe's way of creating the crisis that will become our Transformation! There is a spiritual and evolutionary progression to the reactions that emerge when one confronts the hard evidence of an approaching crisis that has no resolution, like the increasing Earth Changes. Confronting an unresolvable crisis stimulates us to remember who we really are. Surprise! Transformation!

-The coming purification of the Earth will include the destruction of the old system that perpetuated hunger, poverty, war, crime and disease; the system that assassinates people who try to bring peace into the world. The Earth Changes will begin a process that will cleanse the Earth of humans who have not yet learned how to live in cooperation with others. Many American Indians refer to the coming cataclysms as a time of purification and renewal of the Earth. So the end (of the old) is a new beginning. But now we're not alone!

-Our predicted crisis has attracted the attention of countless Star Visitors, Light Beings, Angels and ETs who are now becoming our friends and neighbors, as we humans who pass Earth's Final Exam, now graduate and join the Galactic Neighborhood! Intelligent Life from outer space was here all along, even creating exquisite crop circles with cosmic messages for us to decode.

-The Zetas have monitored the physics of the Earth's interaction with Planet X during many previous passes, so their advanced science and technology enable their scientists to make detailed predictions about the coming Earth Changes.

-The message from the Universe is: The time of Transformation is here! Those who want to prepare, should check out what our Space Brothers, the Zetas, tell us about making the transition into higher densities of being, and making the move to a safe location.

-The Zetas predict that there will be a spiritual and galactic Awakening as we approach the Pole Shift. They tell us that, "the Awakening progresses at a pace where those involved in sightings and contact are not unduly alarmed. The curious, who are not yet contactees, will be giving the Call and be educated. This operates like a firestorm of sorts, eventually leading to conscious contact after the Pole Shift for some areas…. During UFO blitzes, telepathic communications are sent to those watching the display. They are being warned. Until the Pole Shift disrupts media reporting, there are many places ready for full conscious contact or sightings who must wait."

-They also tell us that, "The week when the Earth has stopped rotation and is drawn closer to Planet X is a time when both the Earth and Planet X are standing upright, N Poles pointing up, S Poles pointing down. This is the point where Planet X is piercing the Ecliptic. The Pole Shift is caused because once past that point, Planet X points its N Pole outward during its second 270 degree roll, and it is that point when the hour of the shift occurs for the Earth. Planet X then seems to almost disappear, leaving the vicinity rapidly."

-The Zetas further explain why some aliens are advising their contactees that the human race must change their ways in order to avoid the coming cataclysms. "It is true that if the Earth were inhabited by souls that were 89% solidly in the Service-to-Other orientation that the Earth could move into 4th Density and avoid the Pole Shift. But this simply will not happen, because the Earth is only at about 30% who are solidly in the Service-to-Other orientation."

-After the Pole Shift, high tech domed cities will be made available for humans to live with ETs & other good-hearted humans, with opportunities for us to enjoy a magical futuristic world of peace, abundance, fun and wonder!

-The Zetas say that humans made a mistake when the end date of the Mayan calendar was converted to the Gregorian calendar that we use today. The Zetas predict that the rapidly accelerating Earth Changes and the Pole Shift will happen sometime before 2012, and they have hinted at July 2010, not wanting to give a specific date, as to prevent the government from taking advantage of the population.

The website contains thousands of pages of Communications from Extraterrestrial Intelligence, very wise, non-human, Super-Intelligent Beings from another planet:

describing their history and their reasons for contacting humans
offering their advanced understanding of astronomy, physics and geology
their detailed knowledge about the coming cataclysms, geological analyses of Safe Locations, important advice to help us prepare for a new lifestyle, how to survive and thrive in a fundamentally new environment and social structure, the types of assistance the Zetas & other aliens are authorized to offer humans; and the limitations placed on their interactions because of the rule of Non-Interference.

In the process of writing this article and discussing with Nancy which pieces of the puzzle to emphasize, the Zetas advised her that they consider the most important points in ZetaTalk to be:

-Humans are in charge of their destiny. Free will prevails and is not supposed to be interfered with.

-The Transformation, so the populace is aware that more than just geological changes are taking place.

-Self-reliance, rather than resentment over what the wealthy have. Realizing that poverty is not a bad lift. This is advice to humanity to not waste their energies on resentment, but focus on self sufficiency.
Humans are in control (not chosen) and anyone can ask for contact at any time. Here again, the human must be the focus, their action, their call.

-Because humanity is mostly immature, and a large percentage will be in denial and a burden on those who are trying to prepare or be practical, and since humans will be in charge of their lives, a precise discussion on how to recognize a weak human, and negate their input, is key.
How a Service-to-Others person or leader is supposed to deliberately remove the fingers of control imposed on them today by the selfish or those who are control freaks (most often Service-to-Self government or religious types). Instead of avoiding what the public knows, this approach confronts it directly, and emphasizes what the humans should do
"In all cases here, we, the Zetas, are educating and empowering humanity, which is IN CHARGE of their lives. We are not deluding them with false hopes of rescue."

Some of the most useful and fascinating communications that I have discovered within are:

"What will unfold in the near future will be immensely disturbing to the Earth's inhabitants. We are not speaking only of galactic consciousness, we are speaking of the collapse of governments and entirely new social structures. People will be without their usual mooring, adrift. It is in our interest, the Zeta Reticulan interest, as 4th Density Service-to-Others entities, to reduce the amount of fear and anxiety that humans experience during these transitional times. We are not alone in these concerns. Other alien groups are so concerned, and are actively working to reduce fear in the Earth's inhabitants. You know them by many names, but there are vastly more groups that are participating in this effort than you are aware of."

"Why are lights in the sky most often the introduction, the initiation route, informing anxious humans that there is more to life than the dreary drudgery of their day-to-day, more to anticipate than an aging body and a burden of bills that seem to become ever heavier, more to the control of events around the world than a few power-mad politicians or heavy-handed dictators. Man is Not Alone and his small world is about to burst into the arena of introductions to life from other worlds like a child dragged from a dark closet into a well lit room engaged in a riotous party…. ["RIOTOUS PARTY"?!!! Smile] …. This rapid increase in mass sightings and photographic proof, at this time, has a purpose, as man is about to have his world torn apart by the coming Pole Shift, and as we have stated, the helping hands extended at that time, to those practicing the Golden Rule and thus firmly in the Service-to-Other orientation, may not in fact be hands. Fear not, you've gotten used to the idea. Remember all those lights in the sky?"

"The subconscious is the heart of your awareness, and when the subconscious of the majority of your populace is comfortable with our presence, there will be no need to conceal ourselves from you. Sightings will increase, and will include alien life forms. This will then move to telepathic discussions with these life forms, en-mass with groups of people."

"When humans are given technological advice, or prepared in some manner for future possibilities, of having a role, they often have no conscious memory of this…. There are many reasons why slumber is preferable. First, many times the technological advice or coordinated activity planned for cannot take place for some time…. Second, many projects being coordinated by ourselves, the Zetas, or our brethren in Service-to-Others groups, require humans to meet in groups…."

"UFOs and mass sightings and mass visitations of contactees in an area are all part of the plan, to establish a comfort level with the alien presence, so that the next stage can begin…. Thus, the increased UFO sightings are part of the plan, newly into the news, and all should anticipate the next stage, as they may be part of this! … soon enough live visitors will be at their doors, walking in the mist, and delivering help when life seems grim and hope gone. Thus, the embrace is going two ways, in the heart!"

"Those staunchly in the Service-to-Other orientation are increasingly becoming contactees, whether aware of that status or not. The Transformation is more and more in the minds of those in the Service-to-Others, and thus the mass consciousness of those who think along like lines informs those humans who are not contactees of what the others are experiencing. It is a wake-up call. Thus alerted to momentous changes ahead, The Call is given and yet another Service-to-Other human has become a contactee.

There is much confusion about the Lift, its purpose and execution. This is greatly mixed up, in human minds, with the parental image, someone taking care of them. This is likewise mixed up, in human minds, with the general government assurance that they will take care of you…. The Lift is not intended to take a Service-to-Other person to safety, it is intended to prevent them from dying, as they wish to continue their incarnation and do work toward the good in the Aftertime. As conscious encounters with aliens will occur only as the general populace in an area is ready for this, en mass, giving someone the Lift is not to give them a solid clue that aliens exist!

1. The rules that an Element of Doubt must exist, until the person and his associates are ready for full conscious encounters, must be adhered to.
2. The rule of Non Interference, beyond simply saving the Service-to-Other person from destruction so they can continue their incarnation, must be adhered to.

Thus, we do not rescue humans, we simply permit their incarnation to continue…. During the cataclysms, when the Earth's crust has shifted and stopped, a great many humans will need to be located and lifted, simultaneously. As we have stated, most in the Service-to-Others have declined this offer so as to be with their loved ones during the time of greatest need. But likewise, many have determined they can best serve by being whole to help pick up the pieces…."

"Survivors will form new marital relationships, new family groups, and share knowledge on how to do the chores necessary for a primitive life style. Music and song will fill the hours… A quiet life will prevail! Then one day there will be unexpected visitors, odd looking, or humans who could not have arrived on their own. This will be the contact that will open doors, and eventually provide a route into cities or communities where high tech communications are far superior to the old Internet and phone lines and postal service. Thus, for those anxious about being cut off from information, from chats, we suggest that the answer lies in attention to the Service-to-Other lifestyle! It is this that is your ticket!"
And there are many more Communications from Extraterrestrial Intelligence on the Zetas' website! averages 3 million hits per month, and is translated by volunteers into 21 different languages!


The Ascension and Transformation we long for is taking place right now 24/7, and on a grander scale than most people realize. The Universe has intentionally created a cosmic crisis, timed perfectly so it will catalyze the global transformation that we sense is coming. As Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa advise, "Be fully present to the unfolding chaos, and the order reveals itself."

By the way, the Zetas are aware of the existence of a Divine Creative Intelligence that pervades the Universe and creates life in all its diverse forms. Maybe the ETs aren't so different from us after all!
Address to send locations where the elite intend to hide:
(new DC address coming soon)

end quoted...

Best Regards

Tempus Edax Rerum
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World Synergy Institute
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