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Lugar de encuentro, discucion y acercamiento entre personas fanaticas y no fanaticas de Jhon Titor y para discutir sobre temas relacionado con lo paranormal y la informacion encubierta. Bienvenido a clubtitor
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 Copy of Test for NTTS Net Time-Travel System

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Viajero entre lineas temporales
Viajero entre lineas temporales

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Copy of Test for NTTS Net Time-Travel System Empty
MensajeTema: Copy of Test for NTTS Net Time-Travel System   Copy of Test for NTTS Net Time-Travel System Icon_minitimeSáb Sep 12, 2009 2:54 pm

Quoted from:

" Test for NTTS Net Time-Travel System

It's important to advise the people of time-line 2009 month September.
We are developing a system capable of allowing time-travel through Internet 4.0.
This message is officialy from 2091.
We will send you a timeline from a future history book.

SEPTEMBER 2009- Obama made an agreement with Pope, a big number of people were infected with swine flu in Britain and France, Obama contnued a cult of personality propaganda, Iran was set again on status quo
An Australian man shot a teenage aborigen during a rebellion of young people, causing uprise of aborigens

There was an attempted attack to England Queen from a group people that previously assaulted a bank
Mexico started to see United States as a dangerous enemy after a Mexican ship sinking caused by Usa


In this month persecution toward muslim begun, in United States, with police's actions
Federal Reserve secret was revealed, causing uprise of citizens and major crisis
October surprise false-flag attack on United States


An eruption of Tambora made the climate to be frozenly cold
Obama mission failed in Russia
Citizens who are aware of reality uprose against Obama
Obama was forced to leave government
United States persecution against muslim continued
Washington DC attack attempt was prevented
An Indian diplomatic was seen as an example of behaviour for citizens
Brazil started to see Usa as an enemy


In Africa, began intern operation to free citizens from soldiers and dictatorships
Riots of citizens in Europe and United States took place
Citizens were starting to attack United States police
An Italian boat was made to sink



A disastrous flood happened in India
Britain politics discovered secret elimination operation which took place in Usa
Discovery of modern-like invention in Egypt
Britain market crashed
In Australia battles agains young aborigens were intensifying
Asia started to see Catholics as dangerous threat


Japan typhoon took place
Ireland decided not to take actions against neither Muslims nor Catholics
Another small revolution took place in Iran
Begun a dangerous drug market in China
European riots and uprise against government intensifyied
Toxic fungus reached many parts of Europe, started to cause problems to crops

MARCH 2010

In Usa started a gasoline shortage problem
First experiments who led to time travel
Revolutions took place in Belgium and Texas

Wall Street and many parts of New York were destroyed in a fire
Drug market in China, begun operations to stop it, causing a drugs war

Civil War started in United States

APRIL 2010

Japan occupied philippines
Chin-Japan war started
China, drugs war
Claytronics programmable matter development
A Irish food shortage started to took place
New Zealand Civil War
Civil War United States
Cholera from labs infected people in New York
Mexican- American war

MAY 2010

Intern work air raid Usa
Usa clothes, stuff shortage begun
Irish food shortage became a huge problem
Cholera from labs infected people in Britain
Civil War, Usa
Medical Revolution
Italy economy crashed

JUNE 2010

Censoring movies began in Usa
Mexican disastrous earthquake
London terror attack
Usa Civil War
China drugs war

JULY 2010

Italian ship with weapons exploded
Usa people discovered a secret elimination operation in their country
Usa Civil War, huge fire in Oregon
Cholera from labs spread in Usa
Invasive weeds problems
United States secret elimination of Chinese people


Big uprise of spanish and mexican people against Usa police
Argentina, coup d' etat
Usa and North Korea tensions
Britain police strike, Turkey riots led to scandal with Russia involved

Swine Flu real story and real beginning was discovered, causing a huge scandal


Largest tank battle in history
An invasion took place in Sicily

Asian general riots, Russia was in war with Turkey
Krakatoa erupted again

Japan occupied North Korea
After Turkey war loss, there was a Russian revolution


Rome terror attack
Hamburg disastrous terror attack, is discovered to be from Britain secret terrorists agency
North Korean riots were suppressed by Japanese soldiers
Cholera from labs reached Spain
first vertical farm in Usa
Yellow River flood China
Great Blizzard Usa
Usa president offended Chinese people

Big One earthquake California, Earthuquake in Italy


Occupation of Denmark
Italy invasion, surrended
Cholera from labs reached Germany
North Korean uprising against Japan


Naples uprising
Italy declared war to Usa
Spain Civil War
Big economy problem in Usa
United States food shortage
Russian government failed
Huge swine flu pandemic disaster


Usa airstrike on city
Irish war of independence, police strike Australia
Usa hyper-inflation, causing riots and strikes
Italian revolution
Italian economy crashed, hyper-inflation


Terror attack Washington DC
Disastrous terror attack in Bari, Italy
China civil war, coup d'etat
Euro value stopped
Dust storms Usa, ruined crops

MARCH 2011

Huge earthquake Argentina
Spain Civil war
dust storms Usa
Japan- China war
Italy against Greece, Albany

APRIL 2011

Terror attacks, China civil war, food rationing was over
Washington DC bombing???

MAY 2011

Usa bombings
Japan vs China
Greek civil war
Israel-Iran war
United States division secretly took place, in Thirty Countries Community and Twenty States Colony

JUNE 2011

Vesuvio eruption
China secret eliminations
Cuba revolution

JULY 2011

African people uprise in France
President attack, president of Usa died

We will send a second message with further information.
NTTS testing is taking place in Atlanta, year 2091, month September
Thanks for your attention "

----end quoted

Best Regards

Tempus Edax Rerum
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Copy of Test for NTTS Net Time-Travel System Empty
MensajeTema: Re: Copy of Test for NTTS Net Time-Travel System   Copy of Test for NTTS Net Time-Travel System Icon_minitimeLun Ene 20, 2014 1:32 am

Hi! Could you please send a new timeline?
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Copy of Test for NTTS Net Time-Travel System
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